From Bad To Worse

In I Kings 16 we see a picture of how wickedness compounds. It never remains as it is, but left unchecked will always go from bad to worse:

— :25 “Omri did evil in the sight of the Lord, and acted more wickedly than all who were before him.” The state of Israel’s sin had gotten worse under Omri than it ever had. But as bad as it was under him, it did not “merely” stay that way. It got worse yet:

— :30 “Ahab the son of Omri did evil in the sight of the Lord more than all who were before him.”

Here is an important lesson: spiritual states do not remain static. We are constantly moving, either in one direction or another. You are either progressing “from faith to faith” and increasing in holiness, or going “from bad to worse.” You do not stay the same. You will either swim against the current of evil in this world, or if you stop fighting it, you will be carried along by it farther than you ever imagined.

We see this played out in many fronts: one “gateway drug” will take you into even more powerful and destructive addictions. Those who study the effects of pornography say that it leads to more and more perverse manifestations. One compromise in a life usually leads to many more. You see it in so many areas. Sin does not remain static. It grows like a cancer, from bad to worse. The only remedy for it is the grace of God, which can intervene and set one in a new direction. But left unchecked, sin will not remain the same. It will always go from bad to worse.

This is why we must never minimize “little sins.” If we do not deal with them, they will not remain as they are. They will grow much worse. A “little look” will turn into something much more harmful. A “little compromise” will soon lead to much bigger ones. Like a little leak in the dike, at first sin may appear harmless, but it will not stay that way. If it is not dealt with, soon the whole dam will burst.

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