Not A Problem; An Opportunity

I Kings :17-24 relates the story of Elijah and the death of the widow’s son. This was undoubtedly a test of faith:

— for the woman, certainly. She had submitted to Elijah’s request for food and lodging, in the midst of a drought, and she had stepped out in faith and obedience. Now she was being rewarded with the death of her son?

— for Elijah also. Here he was trying to obey God, and the woman he has so imposed upon loses her son while he is there? It would be a trial of his own faith as well.

But this difficult situation turned out to be an opportunity for God to display His glory. He would raise that boy back up from the dead, and prove His power in an even greater way than Elijah and the widow had seen it before.

So many “problems” are just that: an opportunity for God to display His glory, power, providence, etc. — IF only we will respond to the trial by turning to Him, and waiting for His action.

None of us “want” problems. But perhaps we can train ourselves through experience and by looking through the lens of scripture to see difficulties when they come not just as “problems”, but as opportunities for God to display His glory & power.

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