The Missing Ingredient

There is a vital missing ingredient in the lives of many American Christians today. Colossians 3:16 says: “Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another …”. Those words “one another” are a key.

Many of us have the word of Christ “in us” — indeed every Christian does. But God says He wants His word to dwell in us “richly”: to have its full power and effect. But how will this happen?

The verse goes on to say: “teaching and admonishing one another ….”.
These words “one another” (actually one word, “eautous” in Greek) are vital. There is a corporate element necessary for God’s word to have its desired effect in our lives. You need others to teach you, counsel you, and hold you accountable in a consistent setting, for His word to accomplish everything in you that He intends it to! You simply cannot let His word “dwell in you richly” by yourself!

This runs SO counter to our “American individualism” — but it is also at the heart of New Testament Christianity. Christ’s word will never dwell in us fully, until we are living out His word in the fellowship of a community of believers who are also dedicated to living out that word, and who are helping to apply that word in our lives the way that God intended!

Unfortunately this is the very thing that many contemporary American Christians are missing, as they attempt to pursue living for Christ “on their own.” But God’s message to us here is clear: His word will never dwell in us “richly” until we add this “missing ingredient”!

About Shawn Thomas

My blog,, provides brief devotions from own personal daily Bible reading, as well as some of my sermons, book reviews, and family life experiences.
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