The Little Condo on the Prairie (7-15-14)

I can’t share every conversation our family has, but when I can, it goes on “The Little Condo”… 🙂 A few stories from the past few weeks:

I called my mom in Tulsa on Mothers Day and in the course of the conversation we had the following exchange:
Mom: “So they had a big crowd at the church today, huh? I guess word got out that you were preaching!”
Me: “Uh, Mom, I think that most likely had to do with the fact that it was Mothers Day!”

Later that month, while we were visiting North Carolina for our grand daughter Corley’s first birthday, and for the birth of our second grandbaby, I was trying to get a snack of some Ritz crackers and the “cheese in a can” you can squirt on the crackers. It was a new can, and I couldn’t get it to come out.
“Do you have to do something to make this work the first time?” I asked the crowd of kids.
“Just push the white nozzle”, they said.
“I AM!” I said in frustration.
All of the sudden, as you know it would happen, the cheese sprayed out all over my arm! Everyone wanted to burst into laughter, but they couldn’t because the baby was asleep. It was torturesome — like when something is funny during the Lord’s Supper but you know you just CAN’T laugh, and that makes it all the worse — and all the funnier!

The trip was all worth it, of course, just getting to see the babies (oh, and the kids too! 😉



Michael pointed out to Cheryl & I an article from an author, who said that although he had published about a million words, he still had trouble spelling the difference between “breath” and “breathe.”
Cheryl said: “For me it is ‘hospital’ and ‘hospitable.'”
Michael: “I always misspell ‘peasant.'”
Me: “You ‘always’ misspell ‘peasant’? You write that a lot do you?”

One bit of news for our family is that Michael has gotten his learner’s permit to drive. He had to get up at the “ungodly” hour of 7:00 a.m. one morning to go for an early Driver’s Ed practice drive at 8:00.
Me: “Are you all ready?”
Michael (groggily): “Yeah.”
Me: “Did you drink your coffee?”
Michael: “Yeah.”
Me: “Are you starting to wake up?”
Michael: “A little.”
Me: “Are you tired of all these questions?”
Michael (finally coming alive): “YES!”


One afternoon, Cheryl, Michael & I were talking about things we might do with friends at our next church.
Cheryl said, “Hopefully we’ll HAVE friends at our next church.”
Michael: “The pastor’s family always has friends — just like a rich person always has relatives.”

Cheryl: “This lady introduced herself to me and said, ‘I’m a single mom.’ I wanted to say to her: ‘I’m a stuck-it-out wife.'”

Paul: “There’s an article on Facebook on 6 things pastors are tired of hearing.”
Me: “6 or 600?”

The other day I asked Michael if he was still reading his Bible every day since it was summertime, and we were out of our “daily routine”. He said he was, and was reading in the Minor Prophets. He said he’d finished Amos, Obadiah, and was now reading Jonah. Then he added: “When I read Jonah, I get this Newsboys song stuck in my mind: ‘I’m highly nutritious here, in the belly of the whale …'”. I’d never heard it. But wouldn’t you know I then walked away with it stuck in MY mind!

Some time ago, Cheryl was reading a quote about the cost and suffering that the will of God sometimes requires.
“That’s a good insight,” I said. “I’m thinking about a church we could go to serve which might be difficult.”
“Oh,” Cheryl said. “I was thinking about a particular work of service which is really hard.”
Paul: “I was thinking about living with my parents.”

Cheryl was telling Michael that since he is getting older, she needs to make sure and teach him some skills for living on his own, like how to wash a load of clothes.
Michael: “I can just Google it.”
Cheryl: “You don’t need Google. You have your mother.”


And what’s this? HOLD THE PRESSES: a late addition!!

Yep, Corley Janey is now moving up to the role of “Big Sister”, which means that we have another grandbaby on the way! Exciting times in “The Little Condo on the Prairie”!

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