The God of Little Things

The problem described in II Kings 6:1-6 is not what many people would consider a “big deal.” An axe head that one of the prophets had borrowed accidentally fell into the Jordan River. It was a common, ordinary, everyday type problem. It was not a child who had died, or a nation that needed revival, a plague that was destroying the people, or any such thing. It was just a borrowed axe that fell into a river! One might say, “Oh well!” No big deal. But it did matter to the son of the prophet who took the problem to Elisha — and evidently it mattered to God too, for He allowed Elisha to perform a miracle to bring the axe head up for him.

Jesus said we serve a God before whom not a sparrow is forgotten. And He added that the very hairs of our heads are numbered — a “trivial thing” one might assert — but known to God. (Luke 12:6-7) He knows and cares about every “little” thing.

I remember a conversation one time in which one seminary student asserted that God couldn’t possibly care about a little thing like a child’s bicycle. The other student said: “Can you tell me what would be a big thing to God?”

This passage reminds us that God knows and cares about the “little things” in our lives — the prophet’s borrowed axe head — and that “little” thing that is concerning you today too! Do not hesitate to bring even your “little” requests to Him.

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