A More Glorious Creator

Job 41:1-10 contains an interesting but somewhat enigmatic description of “Leviathan” in God’s response to Job. Some have taken pains to understand the details regarding this “Leviathan”, but :10 sheds light on the real point of the passage:

After describing “Leviathan”, God then says in :10, “Who then is he that can stand before Me?” The point of the section is: if something God MADE is so awesome, then what about the Maker Himself? How much more powerful, glorious, worthy of praise is HE? The takeaway from this passage is not so much that we comprehend every detail about “Leviathan”, but that we understand the far greater glory of God who created him.

This same truth can be applied to any number of things we see in creation: the sun is 92 million miles away, and yet it blinds us from such a distance. If that is so, then how much more dazzling is its Creator in His glory? If a storm seems to us to be so powerful and untamable, then how much more awesome and beyond our control is God?

Whatever we behold in all creation; at whatever we marvel or cannot fathom — and these abound — let them only serve to remind us that their Maker is infinitely greater still!

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2 Responses to A More Glorious Creator

  1. Rick Gomez says:

    But not carefully considering the details lessens the impact of God’s interrogation of Job in this chapter. Some have concluded that Leviathan refers to the crocodile but the description of the creature has problems, notably that crocodiles have been routinely trapped and killed for millenia while the description of the leviathan is that of a large and ferocious sea creature that no one would dare to mess with, something that was most likely an ocean dwelling dinosaur.

    • Shawn Thomas says:

      Yes sir, Rick, that’s the discussion I was referring to in the devotion. Good Christians have disagreed for years about those details. My point is that all Christians can agree that whatever creature it points to, its Creator is even more powerful & glorious — and we can do the same with anything else we see in God’s creation.

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