God’s Unchanging Love

Psalm 25:6 says: “Remember, O LORD, Your compassion and Your lovingkindnesses, for they have been from of old.” The Hebrew word for “compassion” here can mean “feelings of love, loving sensation, mercy, compassion.” “Lovingkindness” is the almost undefinable word “chesed”; His grace, steadfast love, covenant love, etc. What is significant is that this verse teaches us that these manifestations of God’s love are forever!

“From of old” in the NAS text is a Hebrew word that is most often translated “forever.” God’s love towards us is “forever”! This fact is a rock we can build our lives on. His love does not change. It is easy to forget that. We often think that when our circumstances change for the worse, that somehow it reflects that God does not “love” us any more. But let this verse correct that misunderstanding. His love is forever. It does NOT change! That means that even when we have reversals of fortune, it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love us any more; His love has never changed. He still loves us even in those difficult times. Therefore we should believe that He must be accomplishing something in us during those difficult times which is consistent with His loving purposes.

Remember, real love is not the trite “feeling” that Hollywood typically portrays. Genuine love often involves doing difficult things in the life of the beloved, for their good. God has this kind of love for us, which does what is best for us in the long run — for eternity — even if it is painful or difficult now, and even if we don’t understand it. (One example of this might be when we take our small children in to get their shots. They can’t understand why we would allow them to be hurt like that, but later they will look back and see that we did it because we loved them. It was for their good.)

Kirkegaard said that life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. Therefore, until we get the opportunity to “understand it backwards”, we must lean on the truth of verses like Psalm 25:6, which teach us that God’s love for us never changes — even when we don’t feel like that is so, or do not understand what He is doing. God’s love for us is just like it was for Israel in Jeremiah: “I have loved you with an everlasting love.”

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