Are You Any Better?

Often it is easy to criticize others for a particular drawback, when the truth is we are not any better than they are. In Psalm 28, David asks God to judge the wicked, and in :5 he gives the reason: “Because they do not regard the works of YHWH, nor the deeds of His hands …”. A closer look at the verse might keep us from too quickly judging others, and should cause us to examine our own faith as well: 

The word “regard” in Psalm 28:5 is a Hebrew word (“bin”) which means “understand” or “perceive” (BDB).  So these people do not “perceive” or “understand” the work of God in the world. They have hearts which are blind to what He is doing; they go about life as if He were not here, and were not working.

That is well enough — but this should cause each of us to ask ourselves the question: “Do I MYSELF perceive the works of God in the world?!”  Do we watch for His hand to work? Do we give Him credit for what He has done, or look by faith for what He is going to do in and through our circumstances? Or do we instead just go blindly through life without really seeing or expecting Him to work?

— What do you perceive that God is doing in your personal life spiritually?

— Where do you see God working in your church?

— What is God’s hand up to in our world?

Sadly, many of us would have to admit that too often, we are no better than those David calls upon God to judge here in Psalm 28, for we ourselves, just like them, “do not perceive the works of YHWH.”

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