Do You Make Him Marvel?

“Now when Jesus heard this, He marveled …” (Matthew 8:10)

What an amazing statement that is: “when Jesus heard this, He marveled.”  The centurion had just come to Jesus, telling Him of his paralyzed servant, and Jesus indicated that He would come and heal him.  But the centurion responded, “Lord … just say the word, and my servant will be healed.”  He explained how he was a man under authority, and was able to command those under him, and he knew that Jesus could do the same thing: “Just say the word.”  And the Bible says that Jesus “marveled” at the centurion’s statement.

How pleased Jesus must have been with the faith of this man; that he would respond to Him with such trust.  He “marveled” at it, the scripture says!  (This is the same Greek Bible word used of Peter’s response to the empty tomb, and of John’s amazement at the Revelation.)  What a wondrous thing that this man had a faith that could make Jesus marvel!

It should also cause us to ask ourselves: how does Jesus feel about MY response to my life situations?  Does He “marvel” at my faith?  Is He pleased with my perspective and trust in Him in the face of difficulties? Or must He wince as He watches me exhibit the same old anxiety and doubt, immaturity, selfishness and envy?  It may be that some of us DO indeed make Jesus “marvel” — the same way He marveled at the people in Mark 6:6, where it says “He wondered at their unbelief.” (“Wondered” there is the same Greek Bible word used for “marvel” here in Matthew 8:10.)

Some of us may need to quote another man who encountered Jesus: “I do believe; help my unbelief”! (Mark 9:24)  Lord give me the grace to so trust You that I respond and live in such a way that pleases You and gives You glory — and that perhaps one day, You might even “marvel” at my faith!

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