Book Review: “What Does The Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality?” by Kevin DeYoung

I have finished reading a number of books in recent months, but perhaps none more image pertinent to our times than this one. There is hardly a person these days whose life has not been touched in some way by the issue of homosexuality: whether it involves a friend, family member, church issue, or even a personal struggle. Emotions can run high when the issue is discussed, but for the committed Christian, one question should matter above all: What does the Bible say about this?

This is the question Kevin DeYoung answers in his book, aptly entitled, What Does The Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality?

DeYoung’s book is very brief — only 150 pages in all, and many of its chapters are only 6-8 pages long, but for a book that length it is remarkably comprehensive. The first section covers 5 of the most the most important Biblical passages regarding homosexuality, clearly explaining their meaning. There have been many alternative explanations proffered recently regarding what the Bible really teaches about homosexuality which attempt to justify the behavior. But DeYoung debunks those attempts with clear and concise explanations of what the Biblical words really mean. He quotes from a range of literature — even citing some gay advocates who admit that “the Biblical texts that deal specifically with homosexual practice condemn it unconditionally.”

After the section on Biblical texts, the remainder of the book deals with some of the most popular arguments made in favor of accepting homosexual practice: “The Bible Hardly Ever Mentions Homosexuality”, “Not That Kind of Homosexuality”, “It’s Not Fair”, “The God I Worship Is A God Of Love”, etc. — sentiments which those of us who have dealt with this issue have undoubtedly heard or read.

Importantly, throughout the volume DeYoung maintains an attitude of love and respect towards the individual who is wrestling with the issue, while never losing sight of the fact that Christians must remain committed to what the scripture teaches if they desire to be faithful to the Lord. The book moves very quickly, holds your attention, and addresses the pertinent issues in a clear but concise way. Because it is a relatively brief and inexpensive volume, What Does The Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality? should be the “go-to” book to give to a loved one who is genuinely wrestling with same-sex attraction, or to strengthen the faith of the Christian who aspires to remain faithful to what the word of God really teaches about one of the most salient and controversial issues of our time.


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