Gingerbread Decorating Contest 2016

It’s time for our family gingerbread decorating contest for Christmas 2016. We’ll follow the procedure we have for the last couple of years: we’ll post pictures of each entry below, and you can vote on your favorite at the poll at the end. You can check on the votes if you’d like, or we’ll announce the winner tomorrow night!  Here are this year’s entries:

(Update 12-25-16: As of our 9:00 p.m deadline, David had a substantial lead with his “Log Cabin Christmas” and was declared this year’s winner. Congratulations Dave!  “Choo Choo” by Paul finished 2nd; “Cape Candycane Lighthouse” by Ashley was 3rd; “Christmas Gables” by Libby 4th; and “Cetatea Din Ardud” (Michael) 5th.  Thank you to everyone who voted; we appreciate your participation in what has become one of our fun family holiday traditions.)


#1.   Choo! Choo!



2. Christmas Gables



#3. Log Cabin Christmas



#4. Cape Candycane Lighthouse



#5. Cetatea Din Ardud






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1 Response to Gingerbread Decorating Contest 2016

  1. barbsongmom1 says:

    We were late with our vote. They all looked great, but the log cabin was our favorite, too.

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