Jesus’ Word & Salvation

“As He spoke these things, many came to believe in Him.” (John 8:30)

The Bible tells us that when Jesus spoke the words He did in John 8, that “many came to believe in Him.” Sure, there was controversy, as this chapter relates. The Jewish religious leaders opposed Jesus because of His word. But “many” DID believe, as they listened to the things He said.

Is this not just what Romans 10:17 teaches us: “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ”?  When Jesus’ words are proclaimed, faith arises in hearts, and people will believe and be saved.

This should instruct our ministries today. The words that Jesus Himself spoke — and the many others He inspired by His Holy Spirit through His spokesmen — are right here with us today, found in His word, the Bible. His Holy Spirit takes the “sword” of His word (Eph. 6:17) and applies it to men’s hearts as they hear it. And just like Romans 10:17 says, when His word is heard, faith arises and people are saved as a result.

Thus our challenge today as the servants of Jesus is not to try to “figure out” some new and creative way for people to be saved. The Bible says that people will be saved as the word of the Lord is shared, and they believe as a result. Our responsibility is to be faithful to proclaim that word, and not exchange it for something we think might work better instead

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1 Response to Jesus’ Word & Salvation

  1. Joe Wisler says:

    My prayers go out for your faithful proclamation of the Word over this medium and that many will receive it and grow in the knowledge of God. Knowing the battle that exists from all fronts, I pray for your continued protection till Jesus comes. May He continue to enable you to speak the truth with power for His glory in these last days.

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