Family Gingerbread House Contest 2019

It’s time for the 2019 version of our annual Thomas Family Gingerbread House contest. As usual, we will post pictures and let you vote on your favorite — voting will close at midnight Jan. 1 and the winner will be announced the morning of Jan. 2!  Thank you for sharing in our family holiday tradition!

EDIT: 1/02/20:

The winner is:  Candyland Christmas, by Libby Breland

The identify of the creators is now listed by each of the entries:

  1. The Dawflynn Manor (Sheba Thomas)IMG_7717


2. An Imperial Christmas (Michael Thomas)



3.  New Year’s Resolution: (Ashley Thomas)



4. Life’s Like A Box of Chocolates (Joshua Breland)



5.  Make Candy Not War (Taylor Rose Elliott)



6.  A First Responders’ Christmas (Paul Thomas)



7. Candyland Christmas (Libby Breland)



8.  A Wrap-Around Winter (David Thomas)



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