“This Week in Paradise” July 23

This week in the “Paradise” otherwise known as the pastor’s home seemed to revolve around foreign language, and of course our new baby kitten, Eponine!

You’ve Got the Wrong Person

I have told people before that Cheryl & I have different types of knowledge. I have labeled mine “Theoretical” and Cheryl’s “Practical.” She has another name for it: mine is “Useless” and her is “Useful” — and she has stories to back it up!

We owned a home when we lived in Tulsa, and one day our keyless garage door opener wasn’t working, so we got out the directions to try to fix it. I was holding the directions, and saw that it was actually printed in several different languages. I said to Cheryl: “Listen to this …” – and I began reading the directions in French with with my best accent. But while I was reading in this “impressive” fashion, Cheryl FIXED the opener!

With all of that said,

last Monday we went to Academy to get a stationary recumbent bike, which is supposed to be helpful in keeping POTS patients in condition, without standing upright as on a treadmill, or many other exercises. After I had picked a particular bike out, Cheryl asked the sales associate how difficult it was to put together. He looked at me and began to explain, but Cheryl interrupted him: “You’re looking at the wrong person; HE’s not putting it together!” The salesman looked puzzled, but I just laughed!

What Was That?

I do know good portions of several different foreign languages, and our son Michael seems to have a gift for language. This summer he is working on German with a Rosetta Stone program, and he is doing very well with it. Although you might think Cheryl would feel a bit “out of the loop” when we toss around foreign words & phrases, she usually manages to find a way to hold her own, regardless.

One time I sent her a text, in which I used a foreign phrase; I forget if it was in Spanish or French – just to tease her; I knew she didn’t know what it meant. She wrote back a response in nonsensical letters (which, by the way, looked amazingly like a real language!) and immediately she followed it with another text: “Do you want me to translate that for you?” I told her I was pretty sure I didn’t!

So last Monday after I came home from the office, I was watching the musical “Les Miserables” – one of our family’s favorite shows. At the end of the 10th Anniversary Edition, they march down soloists from a number of different countries to sing the encore. When it had finished, I began to sing out heartily in a Germanic-like made up language. Cheryl said: “That’s not a real language.” I said: “How do YOU know?”

She responded: “I’m very fluent in non-languages!” 🙂

What’s Good for the Goose …

Wednesday evening I was able to sit in on prayer meeting for the first time in while. Afterwards, one of our church members said that although they could tell I had put on some weight, that it was healthy and that I looked better with it. In fact they looked over at Cheryl and admonished her: “Do NOT let him lose any weight!”

After the person left, Cheryl said: “I sure wish someone would say that to ME!” 😉


Wednesday night after prayer meeting, Cheryl & Michael & I were enjoying some Popeye’s while watching an old episode of “Sherlock Holmes.” Eponine (our new baby kitten) came and curled up in my lap on the recliner. After a few strokes under the chin, she was fast asleep. In a few minutes I said to Cheryl: “Can you get me a cookie and a little juice glass of milk? Eponine is asleep here.”

Cheryl got up to get it, but on her way, she teasingly said: “I think I’M going to start holding the cat! This reminds me of when Michael was a baby, and whoever wasn’t holding the baby had to go and get everything!”


Just Desserts?

It rained a lot last weekend, but I must say I enjoyed every minute of it; I just love watching it, or even just listening to it. Blessedly, we had several good “family moments” watching the rain from both the front and back porches last weekend. At one point, our baby cat Eponine came out on the front porch, climbed up on me and perched on my shoulder for a while and just sat and purred contentedly.

Michael, watching all this, exclaimed: “Why is she always so adorable when she’s with you — and so hyper when she’s with me?”

I said: “I guess we both just get what we deserve!” 😉

Going to Wendy’s

Saturday night, we all (including the cat) rode to the drive-thru at Wendy’s to get something to take home and eat as we watched a movie. While we were on our way, we talked about what we would each get. Michael had an insight: “It seems like there should be two lanes: one for those who already know what they want, and one for those who can’t make up their mind.”

Mom: “Like Dad?”

Michael: “Basically.”

No Hugging Allowed!

When we get home from Wendy’s, we all set up our trays and got situated. Cheryl went to change clothes and came out in a big fluffy bathrobe.

Michael exclaimed: “Now THAT is hugging robe!”

Cheryl: “Don’t touch me!”

Ah yes, life in … “Paradise”! 😉

About Shawn Thomas

My blog, shawnethomas.com, provides brief devotions from own personal daily Bible reading, as well as some of my sermons, book reviews, and family life experiences.
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  1. Towanna says:

    I love reading your blog. Have a blessed day!! Praying you have a good week.

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