You Who Love The Lord

Psalm 97:10 speaks of “you who LOVE THE LORD”. In this verse, “you who love the Lord” is a synonym for the people of God, those who are what many of us would call “saved.” We see a similar appellation for God’s people in the familiar Romans 8:28, where it says that God causes all things to work together for His people, but it calls them, “those who love God.”
These terms, “you who love the Lord” and “those who love God” are not insignificant.

These scriptures characterize those who are truly God’s children in this way: they LOVE GOD! This is what Christianity is really all about; it is not primarily about “going to church” or performing religious rituals. It is about LOVING God — thus the Great Commandment, to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and might. Thus this becomes for each of us a point of self-evaluation: “Do I really LOVE God?” Is your religious experience creating in you a deeper love for the Lord — or it characterized merely by routines and rituals? This is a vital matter. If you are really His, you love Him; if you do not have a love for Him, you are not really His. Is your heart, your life, characterized by this? Does the scripture really address you when it says: “You who LOVE the Lord”?

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