“The Little Condo On The Prairie” (12-17-13)

“It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas” at the “Little Condo”:



Michael was very interested in Pastor Ronnie Rogers’ message on the Magi from the Christmas sermon at Trinity, Norman, last Sunday — especially that there may have been more than just 3, and perhaps between 50 and 200 in the entourage. After pondering a few minutes, he said, “I’m trying to fit all this new information into the tune of ‘We 3 Kings’ …. ‘We 50-to-200-Magi, from Babylon are …”!!

A certain church sent a group e-mail to a number of prospective pastors, ascertaining whether any of them might have an interest in pastoring there. It was not a personal note at all, and had no indication that they believed me to be the one God was calling to minister there, but I read the note aloud to Cheryl and she asked where it was. I looked it up, raised my eyebrows and said, “It’s not that far outside of … Stillwater.”
Cheryl: “Oh gosh, that’s like …”
Me: “The Samaritans!”
Cheryl: “I guess we have to be willing to go to the uttermost …”

I was intently listening, with earphones in, to a taped interview featuring renowned 20th-century preacher Martyn Lloyd-Jones, when I walked into the kitchen to get some more coffee. Unbeknownst to me, Cheryl, who did not see my earphones, said something to me, but I did not hear, or respond. And again. And again. “The pot was about to boil over” when she saw my earphones, and I took them out. “Oh. My. Goodness! You were about to get it”, she exclaimed. That was a close call!

Munching on some macadamia nuts my sister gave me at Thanksgiving, I lamented: “I LOVE these macadamia nuts; I can’t believe how expensive they are ($7 for a very small jar at Wal-Mart!).”
Michael: “Well, they have to import them all the way from Macadamia!” 😉

Michael, who had already been less than enthusiastic about my choice of Christmas music, groaned when he heard Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” playing on the mix again: “THAT again already?!”
Me: “Oh, you mean the single greatest song of all time? Yeah, it’s on again.”
Michael: “I don’t think THAT is the greatest song of all time.”
Me: “Well, you might change your mind when you are a little older.”
Michael: “I’m pretty sure I’m not going to.”
Me: “I’m pretty sure you have no idea of your future holds, at age 15!”

Eponine did not try to climb the “Little Condo” Christmas tree we put up this year, but she did make sure to hunt down any “varmits” she found there, including this mouse ornament we found “killed” and laid out the next morning!


“Well, of all things, I cut my NOSE shaving this morning,” I announced, as I came into the living room Saturday morning.
“Your NOSE?!” Cheryl said.
“Yeah, because, you know, that is what you want to do the day before you have to sing a solo in the Christmas program — or be in the spotlight for the dress rehearsal later that same day”, I added sardonically.
“What happened? Were you in a hurry?” Cheryl queried.
I lamented: “No, I don’t know …”
Continuing her chain of thought, Cheryl laughed and added: “Did it MOVE? Was it not in the same place it had always been?”

Michael: “I don’t know why it is I just want to look out the window at the snow instead of that math equation on the blackboard.”
Cheryl: “Yeah, I can’t imagine …”

We didn’t make him stay indoors all day, however; Michael & I had a big “snowball duel.” Pack your snowball, count to 5 paces out loud together, and on “five” — “fire!”

I will admit, to my shame, that I fired on “four” on this one! 🙂


Michael was really excited to see that we got a package in the mail the other day. He was a bit less excited when he opened it:


I hope you have a Merry Christmas — and that you don’t get any Algebra books in the mail this year! 🙂

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My blog, shawnethomas.com, provides brief devotions from own personal daily Bible reading, as well as some of my sermons, book reviews, and family life experiences.
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