A Post From Christmas Past

Since we are involved with family worship and other activities today — as I hope you are — I thought I would share some highlights from LAST year’s Christmas which I never published:

At one point during the week, the kids decided to take a break from their Christmas Playstation marathon and go for a walk. But after storms and wind all day, the cold front had finally come through. After ceremoniously waving and bidding me a grandiose “goodbye” just a few moments previously, they all scurried right back into the house 20 seconds later, whining and screaming, “It’s too COOOLLLDD!!!” I had to laugh at the quick turnabout!

Overhead during the Christmas holiday:

Josh, looking at Cheryl’s broken rolling pin in the kitchen: “I was wondering who took the hit!”

“I know; I’m sitting down. Don’t tell anyone!” (Cheryl at 3:50 p.m. Christmas Eve Day after literally being up cooking since just after 4 a.m.! Her work day would go on for hours yet.)

“Do you remember that time Mom meant to yell at David?” “Yeah — only she didn’t say ‘David’!” Laughter ensued: “That’s one of our all-time greatest moments!”

Libby (referring to our online gingerbread house competition): “Ashley, we got two votes — that’s already more than what Josh & I got last year!”

David, the afternoon of Christmas Eve: “Let’s watch ‘Gunga Din’ tonight!”
Cheryl: “NO! That’s not a Christmas movie!”
Paul: “Don’t they sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ at the end?”
David (quoting lines from the movie): “Kill for the love of Kali! Kill for the love of killing! Kill! Kill! Kill!”
Very Christmas-y around here! 🙂

On Christmas Eve, after several of us read different parts of the Christmas story from the Bible by candlelight, Michael interjected: “It’s not ‘Bethle-HAM,’ Mom, it’s Bethle-HEM.”
Tough crowd!

Paul, seeing on Christmas Day that Grandma had given married couples $100 and single grandkids (like him!) $50: “I need to get married!”
Me, shaking my head: “That’ll cost you a lot more than $50!”

During Christmas break of 2012, I started lifting weights in an attempt to build my strength back up from all of my inactivity due to POTS. Michael decided that he wanted to lift with me, and so we started working out together, which was fun.
I am not an expert in bodybuilding by any means (obviously!) but I did my best to show Michael how to do the repetitions the same way each time. During one exercise, as we were lifting dumbbells repetitively, Michael quipped: “I feel like a cheap mechanical toy in a shop window!”
After we finished the workout another day, Michael asked me if this one particular exercise was working our bicep muscles. I told him yes, and showed him mine. He pulled up his sleeve, and looked wistfully at his. He said, “It looks like you’re just doing maintenance. I’m still putting in the down payment!”

In contrast to last year, I am no longer wrestling with POTS, but am now completely well. God has brought us a long way in 2013, and we are very grateful. But His greatest gift to us is not that of health, or prosperity — or even family, as much as we might enjoy them — but the gift of Jesus Christ, who came to die on the cross, that we might be forgiven, and reconciled with God. For HIM we are most thankful, and it is through Him that we are thankful for, and enjoy all the other gifts we receive. I hope that you are celebrating Him today, and I wish all of my dear friends a heartfelt Merry Christmas!

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My blog, shawnethomas.com, provides brief devotions from own personal daily Bible reading, as well as some of my sermons, book reviews, and family life experiences.
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