A Model of Balance

In I Kings 18:41-46 we see how the prophet Elijah models for us a balanced attitude regarding God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility:

— On the one hand, Elijah KNEW that it was going to rain. He told Ahab in :41 “there is the sound of a heavy shower.” God had already told Elijah in 18:1 that He was going to send rain on the land again. From the heavenly perspective, it was a “done deal.”

— but on the other hand, :42 says that after he told Ahab that it was going to rain, Elijah went up on the mountain and “put his face between his knees” in prayer. :43 says he sent his servant back 7 times to see if the cloud was coming from the sea yet. Elijah prayed fervently (+x James 5:17-18) as if it all depended upon his prayers.

Many times we fail by acting in an unbalanced fashion: either we sit and do nothing, thinking that if God wants to do it, He will — or we work feverishly, not in faith, but from an ungodly anxiety that it all depends upon US. Neither of these is a biblically balanced perspective. We would do well to imitate the attitudes and actions of Elijah here: trust what God said He would do — and out of that trust, pray and work with all your heart to bring it to pass with the strength He gives.

About Shawn Thomas

My blog, shawnethomas.com, provides brief devotions from own personal daily Bible reading, as well as some of my sermons, book reviews, and family life experiences.
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