Devoted To Prayer?

Acts 1:14 says that after the ascension of Jesus to heaven, the disciples “all with one mind were continually devoting themselves to prayer.” This was undoubtedly the key to their later filling with the Spirit, and success of their mission. They were all devoted to prayer.

“Devoted” seems to indicate that prayer was the main activity these disciples were engaged in together. It was not even the word, but prayer. It was not merely fellowship, or evangelism, or games, or anything else, good or bad. It was PRAYER that they were devoted to.

Colossians 4:2 instructs us to “devote yourselves to prayer”, and uses the same Greek Bible word used in Acts 1:14. It seems to indicate that WE should have the same dedication to prayer that the early disciples did. But sadly, most of us would have to admit that it is not even close. What do you think it would mean, in your own life, or in your church, if you were really “devoted to prayer”?

Perhaps if we became as “devoted to prayer” as the early church was, we would experience the same kind of powerful working of God that they did as well.

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