Job’s God And Ours

How big is your God? In Job 9:4-10 Job gives us an idea of his view of God. He says, among other things:
— “It is God who removes the mountains, they know not how …” (:5)
— “Who shakes the earth out of its place; its pillars tremble” (:6)
— “Who commands the sun not to shine, and sets a seal upon the stars” (:7)
— “Who alone stretches out the heavens …” (:8)
— “Who makes the Bear, Orion and the Pleiades …” (:9)
— “Who does great things, unfathomable, and wondrous works without number.” (:10)

Job’s description of the greatness of God here foreshadows (in a shorter and less glorious way, but foreshadows nonetheless) what God reveals of Himself and His glory to Job at the end of the book, in chapters 38-41. But the point is, Job was on the right track. He did believe the right things about God: He moves mountains, and shakes the earth, and commands the sun not to shine, and makes the different constellations, and does unfathomable things … etc. He was right on target with his view of the grandeur and glory and power of God.

This is the same view we should all have of God. Unfortunately, ours is often much less glorious than it should be. In fact, one of the biggest problems many of us have is that “our god is too small” and not nearly glorious and powerful enough to capture our utmost worship, faith, dedication, and sacrifice.

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