Are You Wearing A Path To God?

While I was running on the grass beside the road the other day, I noticed that a path had been worn down where many of us have walked and run. It would bring to life one of the most important words in Psalm 22:26. The verse says: “The afflicted will eat and be satisfied; those who seek Him will praise the LORD.”

This verse should be both comforting and challenging.
First, there is a comforting word of promise: the “afflicted” (the Hebrew word “anav” means “poor, weak, afflicted, oppressed”) shall eat and be satisfied. There is hope that for “those who seek YHWH” as 2nd part of the verse calls the afflicted, it will not always be this way. Things will change!

But the verse contains an implicit challenge as well. It says that it is “those who seek Him” who “will praise The Lord.” “Seek” here is the Hebrew word “Darash”. It means to seek repeatedly. One lexicon compares it to an Arabic word which means to “rub over” (a picture of rubbing something many times) or “tread a beaten path”. In other words, it is a picture of a habit, of something you do often enough to “wear a path”. It is not a “one-time” thing.

Would you ask yourself at the outset of this new year: is it your HABIT to seek God, or is it something you do only occasionally? Is there a regularly worn “path” between you and God, in His word and prayer? If so, this verse is a great promise for you. If not, then it is the single most important challenge you can undertake this year!

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1 Response to Are You Wearing A Path To God?

  1. Abbie says:

    Thank you for this word of encouragement this morning. A friend & I were just discussing the fact that maturity in Christ is attained only through a long-term, habitual walk with God & is not some overnight phenomenon.

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