Stretching Us: Waiting on God

The last little phrase of Psalm 25:21 reveals one of the most important elements of the Christian life. David prays in the verse: “Let integrity and uprightenss preserve me, for I wait on You.”  “I WAIT on You” is only one word in Hebrew, but it is a picturesque one, which teaches us something important about some of our trials: 

“Wait” comes from the Hebrew word “kavah”, which BDB tells us originally meant “to twist or stretch”, referring to the tension of enduring or waiting. Anyone who has ever had to wait for something can appreciate the “twisting, stretching” nature of the word! That is exactly how one feels when they are forced to wait.

Waiting does “stretch” us. In fact, sometimes we might feel like we are being stretched too far; that the tension will never be released! But waiting is one of the most important lessons we have to learn in the Christian life — especially waiting on God. And we are given much practice in it, aren’t we? Most of us would observe that we seem to frequently find ourselves in the position of having to wait on one thing and another. This is certainly no accident. God gives us so many opportunities to wait, because we have so much to learn regarding it; so many qualities to be build through it. The most important lesson we have to learn in times of waiting is to trust God Himself while we wait — as David says here: “I wait on YOU”!

If you feel like you are being “stretched” right now while you are waiting on God for something, don’t think you aren’t! That is most likely exactly what is happening: God is “stretching” you, growing you, and building your faith in Him while you wait. Don’t waste this time by frantically seeking merely to “escape.” Learn the lesson God has placed you here for, and show the same patient commitment David had towards God: “I wait on You”!

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