Speak to Jesus About Them!

After Jesus and His disciples had concluded an exciting episode in the synagogue with the demon-afflicted man, Mark 1 tells us that they went to Simon’s house. Then :30 says: “But the mother-in-law of Simon was lying sick with a fever, and immediately they spoke to Him about her.”

Simon’s mother-in-law was sick — there was no indication that it was a “tragic” sickness; just that she had a fever and was in bed. But significantly it says, “they spoke to (Jesus) about her.” 

This is a good guide for us, too. Do you know someone with a sickness, problem, or other need? “Speak to Him about them” just like Jesus’ disciples did here. It doesn’t have to be a “big” thing. The Lord can certainly help whatever problem they may have! It is not wrong to bring your friend’s need to Jesus — and in fact it is surely wrong if you DON’T!  Do for your loved one in their need what Jesus’ disciples did here: “Immediately speak to Him about (them)”!


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