The Weakest, Best Prayer

In Psalm 12:1, David begins his prayer with a very simple, basic request: “Help, Lord …” but it may have actually been the best prayer he ever prayed!  

God told the Apostle Paul that His power was perfected in weakness, and often our weakness gives Him an opportunity to manifest His strength. This may be demonstrated even in our prayers.

One morning, I was very weary, and although I usually take pains to pray in a detailed, organized fashion, modeled after the Model Prayer, the only prayer I could muster at that time was, “Help, Lord … I really need Your help today.” And yet in response to that simple prayer God DID rally me, and He actually enabled me to accomplish much that day.

There were a number of other people I needed to intercede for that day as well, and although I didn’t feel much like praying, I thought perhaps they needed the same prayer that I did, so I prayed the same thing for each one of the them, directing a simple “Help them, Lord” towards each of their situations. Only eternity will record the true effectiveness of my intercessions that day, but I felt the Spirit affirming that my words were heard, and that help was indeed sent from heaven to where it was needed.

We should generally pray the best, most scriptural, organized and detailed prayers that we can pray for people — and this is not an excuse to neglect doing that whenever we are able. But there are also occasions — surely we all have them — when “Help, Lord” is about all we can muster. It may be a meager effort on our part, but when directed in a heartfelt manner to the Omnipotent God who loves to direct His power to help the humble, it may actually be the best prayer you ever pray!

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