Get Up And Serve Him

“He touched her hand, and the fever left her; and she got up and waited on Him.” (Matthew 8:15)

It is one thing to tell someone “Thank you!” for a deed done on your behalf — it is another thing to really demonstrate your gratitude with your actions.  Peter’s mother-in-law did that here.  

Matthew 8:14 tells us that following the incident on the road with the centurion, whose son was healed by Jesus, the Lord and His disciples came to Peter’s house. But when they arrived, it says “He saw his mother-in-law lying sick in bed with a fever.”  Verse 15 then describes Jesus’ response: “He touched her hand, and the fever left her.”  The verb “left” here indicates an immediate healing; the fever “left” as soon as Jesus touched her.  But as striking as the healing was, our takeaway from this verse may come from the response of the healed woman.

The verse tells us that as soon as she was raised up, which seems to be immediately, Peter’s mother-in-law “waited on Him.” This phrase literally means “served” Him. It is the same word (diakoneo) we get our word “deacon”; “table waiter” from.

The importance of this should not be lost on us. After she had been touched by Jesus, she got up and began to serve Him.  This is an example for all of us as God’s people. When we have been touched by the Lord, our response should be like hers: a response of grateful service to Him. No pastor or church administrator should have to harangue us to get us to serve. It should be our natural response — that is, IF we have truly been saved, and are truly grateful for what Jesus has done for us. Surely our actions demonstrate whether that is so or not?

Has your life been touched by Jesus? Have you been raised up by Him?  If so, then imitate the example of this godly woman today: and show your gratitude by getting up and serving Him!

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