Keep The Fire Going!

“Fire shall be kept burning continually on the altar; it is not to go out.” (Leviticus 6:13)

The Old Testament tabernacle worship was full of symbolism. It taught God’s people the “A-B-C’s” of what it takes to have and keep a strong relationship with Him. Here is another example of that: that they were to keep the fire “burning continually on the altar.”

In order for the fire to continually burn, the priests had to keep supplying it with fuel. As Proverbs 26:20 says, “For lack of wood, the fire goes out.” But what is true of a physical fire is also true of the “flame” of our relationship with the Lord. As in any relationship, we “keep the fire going” in our walk with God by spending time with Him. We “fuel” that relationship by spending quality time with Him in His word and prayer.

How would you describe your walk with God right now? Are you “on fire”? Or has the flame somewhat “died down”? If it has diminished, you may need to add some “fuel to the fire” of your walk with Him!  As with any fire, or any relationship, your walk with God needs constant tending if you want to keep that “fire” going!


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