“The Little Condo on the Prairie” (11-19-13)

Monday night, Cheryl and our daughter-in-law Ashley were virtually tied in their fantasy football matchup for the week, and each had a couple of players left in the game that evening. But Cheryl’s hopes vanished when her quarterback, Green Bay’s Aaron Rogers, went down early in the game with an injury. Then her other player, a wide receiver, left with an injury later and it was all over but the crying.
As they hauled her player off the field, I turned to Cheryl and sympathized: “Some people get all the breaks — and some get all the, well … BREAKS!”

One day during Michael’s Algebra lesson, Mike was being somewhat less than enthusiastic, and Cheryl confronted him: “Michael, you are acting like you are being treated like Job. This isn’t some great persecution; it is just math. We talked about this last night at church: some people act like they are being treated like Job, when in reality they are just dealing with some little thing.”
Michael: “I’m not being treated like Job. If I were, I would break this chalkboard into pieces and scrape myself with the shards!”

Cheryl, after going over an Algebra principle with Michael one morning: “Michael, for someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy math like I do, you are tolerating it, and you are doing very, very well at it. That should be enough for me — but it isn’t.”
Michael: “I know; you want me to love it.”
Me, walking through with my bowl of oatmeal: “REJOICE in math, and again I say, REJOICE!”

Thursday morning, Cheryl was working a problem on the chalkboard as Michael talked through how he would solve it. As they were nearing the answer, Michael observed:
“I hope there’s not a fraction in the solution to that problem. Having a fraction at the end of a problem is like having a movie where the main character dies.”

Sunday afternoon, I came limping painfully into the living room.
“What happened?”, Cheryl asked.
“I stubbed my toe in the bedroom”.
“On the shoes you left in front of your bed?”
“I stubbed MY toe on those too!”, she said. “I almost picked them up and threw them across the room!”
“Well I wish you had!”, I said. “Then I wouldn’t have hit them just now!”
Of all times for Cheryl to exhibit a measure of self-control …

Looking at a picture of our granddaughter, Corley Jane Breland, that came up on Facebook, I said excitedly: “Corley Janey!”
Michael, who was sitting nearby doing his beloved math 😉 said, “Dad, it’s one thing to say that to her when you see her; it is another to do it when you just see her picture.”
Cheryl: “It’s sweet!”
Michael: “It’s weird!” Then he added: “It would be like yelling at the tv screen … oh wait …!”


Saturday, while Cheryl & I were watching the OU game, she decided to tell me something she had read in her Bible that morning. She was reading me the passage, when an Iowa State runner broke free up through the middle of the Sooner defense. Stopping in mid-sentence, she suddenly hollered: “GET ‘EEEEEEEEM!!!!!”
Now, where was she …. ?

Michael: “Do you know how sometimes when you are tired, and you begin to nod off, and start getting delusional … ?”
Me: “I think we pretty much stay delusional around here most of the time!”

Saturday while we were watching football, I had my feet kicked up in the recliner, and Cheryl told me that she could barely squeeze by. “There is plenty of room!”, I replied. The next thing I knew, this is what I got: (I needed some help getting up, but Cheryl decided to take this picture instead! 🙂

I guess maybe that’s one of the reasons we call it, “The LITTLE Condo …”?

About Shawn Thomas

My blog, shawnethomas.com, provides brief devotions from own personal daily Bible reading, as well as some of my sermons, book reviews, and family life experiences.
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