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How To Stay Poor

You probably don’t want a recipe for poverty, but the more pertinent question may be, are you unwittingly following it?  Proverbs 21:17 says: “He who loves pleasure will become a poor man; He who loves wine and oil will not … Continue reading

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“The Little Condo on the Prairie” (11-26-13)

The holidays are upon us, and so Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping — and of course football! — are the focus of “The Little Condo” this week. Cheryl & I began our Christmas shopping one day last week, and we made a … Continue reading

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The Little Condo on the Prairie (Aug. 20 2013)

Last week at the “Little Condo” we all decided to go to the gym to get in shape, and then we got ready for “back to school” … WORKOUT FALLOUT Paul took me to his gym a week ago Monday … Continue reading

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POTS update July 2013

I shared previously (see here) about my visit in June to Dr. Naeem Tahirkili in Oklahoma City, the changes he made in my medications, and how after the first few days I was already doing very well. With over a … Continue reading

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A New Regimen: POTS Update, June 2013

I haven’t updated much on my bout with dysautonomia or POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) in a while, basically because I haven’t had much to report. In a previous post I shared that I had been much improved since we … Continue reading

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